wilton, CT

Wilton is a rural residential community of 18,000 people, located approximately one hour by car from New York City. Historical sites are represented throughout the town and the core downtown area has a village atmosphere. Recent expansion of the downtown area has permitted a four screen cinema multiplex and adjacent shopping.

According to the 2000 census, there are approximately 6,000 households on Wilton. The public school system is one that continually strives for perfection. Wilton schools consist of two pre-kindergarten - grade two elementary schools, one school for grades three-five, one school for grades six-eight and one High School.

Although Wilton is an inland town, there are parks where swimming is available. Merwin Meadows has a swimming pond, playground and picnic area, while Kiwanis Park, run by the YMCA, has a beach pond and kiddy pool. Other parks offer scenic trails, camping, fishing. There are public tennis courts and a private tennis club.


Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)

Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)

High School (Grade 9-12)

Schools – Private

Recreational Facilities

  • Wilton Parks and Recreation

  • Bradley Park

    83 acres of trails, boardwalk and wetlands on Oakledge Lane

  • Cherry Lane Park

    Near intersection of Cherry Lane and Banks Drive, 50 acres, trails, a pond and picnicking

  • Horseshoe Park

    Six acres of trail, pond, and birding on Horseshoe Road.

  • Merwin Meadows

    The only town-owned swimming spot. It is a spring-fed fresh water pond located on the charmingly named Lovers Lane

  • Quarry Head

    32 acres, trails, old quarry and scenic overlook

  • Schenck’s Island

    13 acres of trails, picnicking and a river located on River Road

  • Town Forest

    Boas Lane and Branch Brook Road, 188 acres of walking, bridle trails and camping

  • Wild Duck Reserve

    16 acres, trails and nature study.

  • Woodcock Nature Center

    146 acres through Wilton and Ridgefield, exhibits, nature store, educational and recreational programs

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